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Above: Martin Berkofsky, Konstantin Krimets, and Master Student Atakan Sari on stage at Moscow's Tchaikovsky Hall.



July 12th through July 16th, 2010, shall mark five extraordinary days for piano students. At Warrenton's historic St. Leonard's Farm in the Virginia Piedmont, (some 50 miles from D.C. Metro,) pianist Martin Berkofsky invites piano students of all ages to join him and his guest, pianist Alessandra Pompili, for uniquely exciting and inspired music sessions.

Each one-day program will be specially tailored for young, intermediate, and advanced students. Students will be able to hear and to watch at close range a concert by Mr. Berkofsky and Miss Pompili on St. Leonard's magnificent Estonia concert grand. The artists will conduct an open question-and-answer period following the concert, responding to all areas of a pianist's life: technique, artistry, interpretation, practicing, performance preparation, professional touring experience, etc. Each student pianist enrolled will then be invited to perform selections from their prepared repertoire to be critiques by Mr. Berkofsky and Miss Pompili.

A typical day's program will schedule a two-hour session in the morning. Those bringing picnic lunches will be able to enjoy the beautiful grounds of St. Leonard's while those preferring to purchase their lunch will be only a few minutes' drive from Warrenton's many fine restaurants. The two-hour session in the afternoon will concentrate on the performance and teaching of the enrolled students.

Tuition for each one-day session is set at a very affordable $40.00, but it is advised to register as early as possible because of limited space. Tution for non-performing auditors is $25.00 per day. Please telephone the Cristofori Foundation at 540-788-3356 for registration and additional information.

Martin Berkofsky is a veteran pianist with concerts in over 31 countries. He is president of the Cristofori Foundation, Alessandra Pompili is music producer for Vatican Radio, regularly performing in England, Italy, and Hungary. Her website can be viewed at


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